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Practical Strategies to overcome barriers to learning

This practical support strategy sheet provides an overview of evidence based strategies. It is particularly suited for subject teachers or supply teachers, who want an 'at a glance' view of the profile of learners in a class, and suggestions of strategies to overcome barriers to learning.

SEN Information Report - Compliance Checklist

If you or your SEN governor can answer the questions on this checklist, your SEN information report is largely compliant!

Governor Action List

Give this 10 point list to your Governors and ask them to answer the questions to review your compliance to the SEND Code and regulations.

Code of Practice - SENCO

This is an extract from the Code of Practice that details the roles and responsibilities of the SENCO.  Use it to ensure the breadth of your role or share it with SLT and or Governors.

About Me

This is one method for capturing the assess, plan, do and review cycle for learners at SEN Support.  It is written for children and can be used or adapted for your setting.

Capturing Impact

This is an excel spreadsheet that helps to track the assess, plan, do and review cycles for targeted learners.  Do not attempt to use it for every learner with SEN but it could be useful for some!

SENCO Writing Frame Health Referrals

This writing frame may help SENCOs to capture information about barriers to learning presented by some learners who are seeking assessment from Health Professionals.

Cognitive Functions Checklist

This is a great tool for considering the 3 phases of input, elaboration and output, associated with cognitive functioning.

Child Centred Case Study

This is a simple writing frame for capturing progress of an individual as a case study.

Our School SEN Profile

This is a useful summary to show the SEN profile of learners in your school on 1 sheet of A4.  

Anticipated and Actual Impact

This simple grid can help to capture the 'anticipated' impact prior to starting an intervention as well as the 'actual' impact.

Transition Planning Examples

This is a child centred transition planning form to help capture key information at points of transition. 

Half Termly Progress Record

This is a useful record for capturing half termly progress

SEN-D Medical Needs Record

This is a great way for capturing your pupils with SEN, those who are Disabled and those with Medical Needs.

Provision Map

This simple provision map provides an overview of provision that is offered to overcome or remove barriers to learning for learners in different year groups.


This helps to capture your own personal CPD record or log as well helping you to plan CPD activities and capture their impact.

SENCO Annual Strategic Plan

This is a simple but effective way to record your strategic tasks and 'plot' them at intervals throughout the year.

7 C's Learning Portfolio

Use this A4 sheet to create your own handy booklet of the 7 C's Learning Portfolio.  Print, fold, open, cut and fold!

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