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Judith Carter

Educational Psychologist and Director

Judith is an HCPC (Health Care Professionals Council) registered Educational Psychologist (EP) and Director of Willow Tree Learning. She has worked as a Specialist EP (inclusion & autism) in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk, and was Senior Adviser Inclusion SEN-D working within a Local Authority on education strategy and school improvement. It was here that she trained as an Ofsted inspector.

Willow Tree Learning was created as an opportunity to directly support schools, colleges and settings to become more responsive to their learner community. It is a values led service, offering high quality practical advice and support. Intervention is bespoke and can relate directly to individual children and families, or be part of a whole school ‘systems’ review, or a targeted aspect of improvement and workforce development.

Willow Tree Learning works with other HCPC registered Educational Psychologists who share the values and principles for practice described above.

Our Team


Emma Walton

Educational Psychologist

Emma is an HCPC (Health Care Professionals Council) registered Educational Psychologist (EP) and Associate of Willow Tree Learning. Emma has been an Educational Psychologist for 16 years, working as a teacher and Children’s charity project manager prior to this. Emma has worked for Norfolk and Suffolk Local Authorities and in recent years has developed specialist interests in early years, video interaction guidance, mindfulness, bereavement and loss and gender diversity. Applying Psychology to find solutions to difficult situations is what Emma strives to do; “she says I work best with people who are honest and challenge my thinking. I like to know what people really think. Talk to me and ask me questions. I like to make sure that the work I do makes a difference for the people I work with.”