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The 7 C's Learning Portfolio

The 7 C's Learning Portfolio is a language of SEND assessment.  As the name suggests, it consists of 7 learning themes all beginning with the letter C.  Within each theme are a further 7 learning attributes, so there are a total of 49 learning attributes within the 7 C's Learning Portfolio.  These 49 attributes can help teachers, SENCOs, TAs, learners and their families to identify learner strengths and areas for development.  In real terms, this language can help to define the 'SEN Support' which is 'additional to or different from' the adapted curriculum.

The 7 C's








Using the 7 C's

The 7 C's Learning Portfolio has been adopted by many settings as a language of SEND assessment.  As it is a language, it can assimilated in to existing paperwork such as learning passports or provision map.  A useful starting point is to ask learners to identify 3 strengths and 3 areas for development and to then map their words on to a relevant learning attribute.  For example if a learner says they are good at Lego models, this would 'map' on to making things in Creativity.  By mapping these areas, teachers can use the action cards and progress tracker to show impact over time.  All information is contained with the two books: "SEND Assessment: A strengths-based Framework for Learners with SEND" and "SEND Intervention: Planning Provision with Purpose" both written by Judith Carter. 

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