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The Essential SENCO Book Club

The purpose of the Essential SENCO book club is to provide a shared CPD opportunity for members of the Essential SENCO Network and or other interested practitioners.  We will meet virtually at the end of each term, having read one of two SEND related books and share our professional reflections, thoughts and questions.  It is an ideal forum to develop ideas regarding the practical application of books read individually.  The session will follow a workshop structure and all members will have an opportunity to express their views and ‘rate’ the book against agreed criteria.  Time spent at the book club will contribute to individual practitioners ongoing CPD.

If you would like to join the Essential SENCO book club and are a member of the Essential SENCO Network, the cost is only £10 for the year.  Non-members are most welcome to join for the annual fee of £30. 


Please email to join and receive your welcome pack and details of our books for the term.

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